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Produkty/Novinky VšZP

Take your family and join the 1st league

Only persons insured by VšZP can take advantage of unique health benefits. As a four-member family, you can save almost 1 400 euros a year with us. Join the best team and enjoy the benefits of playing in the first league. It’s simple. Make a few clicks from the comfort of your home and we’ll arrange everything for you. 

O nás

We pay the most, we spend the least

In 2017, Všeobecná zdravotná poisťovňa spent more than 940 euros per insured person on average, the highest amount of all health insurance companies in Slovakia. Thanks to the implemented internal savings, VšZP spent the least on costs unrelated to the provision of healthcare of all the health insurance companies.

We likewise continued to make full payments for high-cost treatment and operations. The most expensive treatment we covered last year was to a child, a boy suffering from metabolic disorder costing almost 800 000 euros. We give maximum to our insured. Check yourself.    

Zľavy pre zdravie

Discounts under one roof

It does not matter whether you live in Stropkov or Myjava. With us, everybody gets discounts of up to 60 percent! The persons insured by VšZP buy at better prices in all regions of Slovakia. You may even save on your holiday! Don’t miss hundreds of nation-wide benefits and other discounts in selected regions that knock on your door. What will you choose?    


The competition for 100 great prizes is nearing its finale

You can still participate in it. Win with us your fantastic holiday worth 2 000 euros and dozens of other valuable prizes. Luxury wellness stays, aquapark tickets for you and your children, as well as family packages for dental hygiene products, or therapeutic treatment for your aching joints – they can all be yours. All you need to do is to undergo preventive examination and let us know about it. The competition remains open until 15th October 2018.   





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